All new ways to express yourself in ???

Sometimes words hold us back from truly expressing ourselves. They take time to write, they’re confusing, and spelling is hard. That’s why we’re introducing this sweet emoji panel for those times when only cat with heart eyes can properly convey the love of an edit or information desk is the only way to convey how pleased you are with your witty reply.

We’ve assembled a list of 12 ways in which you can use the new emoji’s to add the perfect punctuation to your review process.

When the latest cut is looking sick. So awesome and so sick, in fact, that you’re pretty sure it’s contagious.
“Call a doctor because this spot is definitely going viral.”

When you’re almost positive that a line you killed three revisions ago has crept its way back into the piece.
“Is there any particular reason that the cat joke I hate has been resurrected in these approvals cuts?”

When you deliver yet another tweak to your delightful client.
“I come bearing the gift of 15 new versions for you!”

When a colorist must be commended for absolutely nailing the look from the references.
“You, sir, are henceforth to be known as the King of All Color Grading.”

When a director delivers a piece that is so inexplicable and strange that it is truly one of a kind.
“I have no idea what I just watched, but I guess I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When the music bed is so hot that you kinda want to pop champagne.
“I don’t care if it’s a stock track. That background instrumental is DOPE. ”

When the voiceover copy straight up stinks.
“As much as I love bad poetry, someone needs to rewrite that VO immediately.”

When your director regresses to infancy throughout the course of post-production.
“The client pays your day rate, so please apply these notes from them without your mandatory tantrum.”

When your editor nails the comic timing in the first rough.
“Everyone pack up and go home — Chris just killed the game with this assembly edit.”

When your centercut safe deliverable has graphics that are two pixels outside the safe zone but it’s 1 AM and you’re feeling lucky.
“Well… the ratings bug is technically outside of safe, but you know I’m a gambling man.

When your production manager thought it was wise to send an intern to the gyro cart for company lunch.
“Will regroup on these cuts shortly. The team here is dealing with some street meat related emergencies.”

When Standards & Practices informs you an hour from delivery that none of the dialogue in your spot is approved for broadcast.
“Well guys, just heard from S&P that none of this can go on air. It was nice knowing you.”

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,