Introducing + Slack ❤️

Slack, a messaging platform for teams, is one of those collaboration tools that has taken the world by storm. We at use it as our primary chat tool and if you’re anything like us, you live in it all day.

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That’s why we’re excited to announce you can now send project activity directly into a designated Slack channel. All the notification activity that would typically show up in, is now right inside of Slack. Comments, timecode, and even a thumbnail of the frame are all there.

See how it works!

  • So cool! What an awesome integration!

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks Alex!

  • Dimitri Stuer

    What’s the difference when using the inbuild feature of to place comments and to get notified by any new video when someone is a member of a project?

    • EmeryWells

      The Slack integration just offers another way to view activity

  • I’m a big fan and user on Slack and very excited to see the integration in Slack. Congrats on this one guys. Hoping Resolve is next. ?

    • EmeryWells

      Right on George!

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  • I’m trying to install the integration now and am running into some issues. I’m not seeing the app in the Slack App Directory. I’m sure its me, but do you have any suggestions?

    • EmeryWells

      We’re actually not in the directory yet but please email so we can help you get it setup properly. Should just be able to flip the switch and follow the instructions.

      • Mimi

        Is it working yet? I’m getting my admin to enable it but do we need the admin to be a member?

  • I don’t see a way to set Slack notifications to go to different channels for different projects. This really is a must to be helpful, since most of us probably have different Slack channels for different projects, and having all notifications go into a single channel just makes things messy. when will have you this capability implemented? This is very important to make Slack integration helpful (channels are the foundation of Slack, after all). Thanks!

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks for the feedback Jason. We thought it would be worth getting this first version out and then add a separate channel selector in the next release.

      • Tristan

        I agree with Jason, it will be super useful when being able to send to different channels. Is there an estimate as to when the next release is planned?

        • Erik Johnson

          yes i cant use it till this feature is added. Each Project I would add in needs to be assigned to its related slack channel. Thanks

      • Well… I’m just grateful <3

      • Any update for sending notifications to different Slack channels on per project basis?

      • Tom Bluett

        Emery – just started using and our clients love it. Unique slack channels per project will be key for me. Do you think this feature will be available in the future? Until then, are there any solutions you guys have recommended?

      • Stanislav Verstiuk

        It was really important to get notifications to a different slack channel per project, it’s really not work “properly” without this feature((

  • Very cool guys. Still planning deeper integration with FCPX?

  • BrotherBloat

    that’s an awesome integration!! now you can probably use that to do pretty much anything using IFTTT, for example 😀

  • David Hatch

    I’m not able to get to post to Slack. Is it because I’m asking to post to private channel?

  • Braden Storrs

    Looks cool, though I’m not a Slack user. What I’m wanting to see is a full project management system that lives inside So the projects can show up on Calendars with task/subtasks and assigning.

    • Alex Parks

      oh man i know this is a huge ask but can i +1000 upvotes to it? rocks and i’d love to see them tackle this!

  • Alex Parks

    anyone else have nothing pop up when you turn on slack notifications on the toggle turns “on” but it doesn’t ask me where I want it to go… i tried a test file upload to see what happens and it’s definitely not communicating with slack…