Introducing a Redesigned Player Experience

Today, we’re excited to share a redesigned player experience. The main goal of the update wasn’t just to glam up the player. More importantly, it lays the foundation for us to move faster and unlock many of your most requested features later this year.

The new player will be rolled out to all users between Monday, Feb 5th and Thursday, Feb 8th.

A few buttons have moved, but all your favorite features are still in We crafted and refined them to give you a fresh new experience. We removed a lot of chrome to help you focus on your content. With a sleeker design, you can easily add descriptions to your files, clearly see what date and version you’re on, and quickly collaborate with your team. By the way, the player works a lot better on mobile browsers, too.

There’s a lot more in store for this year, and this redesign is only a taste of what’s to come.

Detailed Release Notes

  • Player controls quickly collapse to give you a cleaner viewing experience
  • Filenames have more real estate
  • Video playback defaults to the highest resolution your screen can support
  • Video now has 1:1 (square) frame guides support
  • Audio files have a customized audio player experience
  • Additional proxy resolutions are automatically created: 1080, 720, 540, 360
  • When downloading a still image from a video, it downloads with the .jpeg extension instead of the .jpg extension
  • New URL structure looks like this:{id}?version={id} (existing URLs will redirect to their respective new links)
  • File metadata is clearly surfaced on top of the comments
  • Comment composer resizes based on the amount of text you type and has better auto formatting of links and email addresses
  • You can enter multi-line comments directly from the comment composer
  • The asset slider at the top of the page is more discoverable and helps you quickly navigate to other files
  • The layout is more responsive and easily adapts to your available screen real estate
  • You can leave descriptions on files you upload
  • Robust and smooth performance for scrolling through hundreds of comments

Emery Wells

Emery Wells is the Co-Founder & VP, Digital Products,