Introducing A Redesigned Player Experience

Today, we’re excited to share a redesigned player experience. The main goal of the update wasn’t just to glam up the player. More importantly, it lays the foundation for us to move faster and unlock many of your most requested features later this year.

The new player will be rolled out to all users between Monday, Feb 5th and Thursday, Feb 8th.

A few buttons have moved, but all your favorite features are still in We crafted and refined them to give you a fresh new experience. We removed a lot of chrome to help you focus on your content. With a sleeker design, you can easily add descriptions to your files, clearly see what date and version you’re on, and quickly collaborate with your team. By the way, the player works a lot better on mobile browsers, too.

There’s a lot more in store for this year, and this redesign is only a taste of what’s to come.



Detailed Release Notes

  • Player controls quickly collapse to give you a cleaner viewing experience
  • Filenames have more real estate
  • Video playback defaults to the highest resolution your screen can support
  • Video now has 1:1 (square) frame guides support
  • Audio files have a customized audio player experience
  • Additional proxy resolutions are automatically created: 1080, 720, 540, 360
  • When downloading a still image from a video, it downloads with the .jpeg extension instead of the .jpg extension
  • New URL structure looks like this:{id}?version={id} (existing URLs will redirect to their respective new links)
  • File metadata is clearly surfaced on top of the comments
  • Comment composer resizes based on the amount of text you type and has better auto formatting of links and email addresses
  • You can enter multi-line comments directly from the comment composer
  • Changing your timecode format on your video will update your time-stamped comment format accordingly on the comment composer
  • The asset slider at the top of the page is more discoverable and helps you quickly navigate to other files
  • The layout is more responsive and easily adapts to your available screen real estate
  • You can leave descriptions on files you upload
  • Robust and smooth performance for scrolling through hundreds of comments
  • These are all welcome enhancements to your platform. Since working in the new platform in the beta stage over the past few weeks, everything has been smooth. Really enjoying the new layout. Thanks guys!

    • EmeryWells

      Glad you’re enjoying it Jason!

  • Chris Zahn

    Emery, looking forward to seeing the changes. Also, if you are thinking about making any changes to the project page, it would be great to be able see the video length for each video, maybe right next to the size.

    • EmeryWells

      Yep, you will see that in the next several weeks 🙂

  • Sasa Grosser

    Hi Frame guys! =)
    Fist – NICE WORK! Thanks to you, you make my work much more efficiently!
    But . . .
    – It would be nice if there were extendet administrator rights. As like one admin is able to delete certain coments.
    – An other suggestion would be the possibility to mark a range of time as a coment. I mean not just at a single second , as now, but to coment as e.q. from 01:22 to 01:59 .
    – Last but not least, my third idea would be to create own named lables. Not just “in progress” , “needs review” etc. . I would create a “open question” or sth.
    – OH! And another Idea! My third petition is to develop the notifications!!! The Spam-Notification-Emails are thrash. We need a notification display in the website! And the possibility just to follow all activities of just one person (or a selected group) – quasi to “stalk” . And just to get notifocation mails if one certain person (or a selected group) answer my coments.

    I have many other ideas…. Just contact me if you’re interestet in more of what I think at:

    • EmeryWells

      Thanks for the great feedback Sasa

    • The ability to mark a range of time would be awesome indeed!

  • Dan Daube

    Emery-what’s the latest with VR? Glad to see the continued innovations! Keep it up

  • Very good! Any ways to see who watched the video? Like a little eye icon next to collaborator. Would be great to know who watched the videos, and who needs a ping back!

    • TonyL

      and add to that who and how many times a video has been downloaded. A rough IP-based location would be good too.

      • EmeryWells

        We hear you. It’s on the roadmap for later this year 🙂

  • Wes

    Is there an option now to sort by file name? We do lots of videos for projects where the order matters and so we usually precede all of those videos with numbers to help with the sorting.

    • EmeryWells

      On the project page? Yes there is.

      • Wes

        Does it sort that way for the client as well?

  • Nathan Buchanan

    We’ve definitely been enjoying and are excited to see the new features in the coming rollout. One additional feature request: when sharing multiple videos, can we put them into a custom order? Sometimes we want to highlight specific videos first for clients, which isn’t always alphabetical.

  • David Kudell

    These are going to be great changes, glad to see ’em coming!

    Another thing I’d love to see is the ability to manage which specific collaborators get email alerts when a new comment is made or new media is uploaded. Instead of, say, all 5 collaborators from any given client all getting hit with emails, usually there’s only one person who I really need to be pinged whenever there’s a change.

  • Dave LaBarge

    Thanks Emery, looking forward to the update! Any near plans for an android app? I’ve got the LG V20 and that big screen is begging for!

    • camelz

      they hate android and windows. It’s been well known throughout the years. I doubt they’ll even respond.

      • Dave LaBarge

        Well that’s unfortunate seeing as I have both!

        • emeryw

          We definitely don’t hate Windows or Android. Many Google Pixel’s in the office! Fun fact, at my previous company almost all of my post production workstations were Windows. Our Premiere and After Effects integrations are cross platform and supported on Windows. We’d like to be more cross platform in the future.

          We’ve chosen to build our apps in their platforms native language. We could launch a web wrapped Android app but that would suck. That’s not how we do stuff around here. Building an Android app would mean starting a whole new codebase in Java. We might do that. But there are also some interesting things happening with Swift (the iOS programming language) becoming more cross platform.

          So short story is we don’t hate Windows and Android but we do have some resource and engineering constraints and we don’t like to offer sub-par product experiences by cutting corners.

        • Dave LaBarge

          I never thought you hated the PC world or Android. I’m just looking forward to day when I can use my phone effectively to collaborate with my peers and clients. Currently the web app kind of works but even watching in full screen is a problem. When I click the icon for FS, nothing happens.

          Patiently waiting.

          Thanks for the reply!

  • Scott Christian

    Looks great!
    Please add private Team Only commenting. Internal feedback is important, and not always something we want to share with our clients! This is the biggest reason we’re sitting on the fence over and Wipster.

    • Lee Turvey

      Hi Scott,
      There are several ways of addressing this. Happy to share them with you and answer any other questions you may have. Pls dm me via and we’ll chat.

      • Martin

        Could you share them here?

    • Must be nice…

      We’ve got our Slack channel linked with the Frame Project and do all our internal notes there – its a wonderful resource considering you can search.

      It also allows me to turn of all notifcations from Frame which is another bonus.

  • Brian Zalewski

    Is there still no way to customize version #’s? We do many v1 alt and v1Bs, etc and gets confusing for clients.

    • emeryw

      Hear you on that. We have an update coming later this year to address.

  • Efram Potelle

    Looking good! I’d love to see an update to the status pulldown – currently there’s no way to track who set the status. For example on a recent project shots were being set to “approved” but no one knew who had done so! It could have been done internally or by the client. We eventually abandoned that feature as it was adding confusion to the process.

    • emeryw

      Agreed! Our initial version of labels are pretty basic. More to come there.

  • Dan @ LiveWire Films

    Excited about this! Is there or will there be any way to make the default comment sort/filter go by timecode? I would like to option to set a global default.

  • Robbie

    Very cool, I would love to see a sync session feature! That way we can view the video in sync with our client. Otherwise we end up saying over skype. “Ok hit play in 3…2…1!”

    • Leonid Litwinenko

      Yeah, that’s maybe my no.1 feature request (together with a simple “next clip”-button/keyboard shortcut. Would pay a lot more per month, with that one on board.

      • emeryw

        How much more exactly? Let’s make a deal 🙂

        Have you tried the asset slider on the player? Not quiiite the same but it’s helpful if you haven’t used it yet.

  • I’d love to see work done on the FCPX plugin. Right now I have no way to take advantage of uploading new versions, which clutters my projects with revisions.

    • emeryw

      I’d like to see that too! 🙂

  • Gregg Stokes

    How about drag and drop FOLDERS…

    • Lee Turvey

      Stay tuned! 😉

  • Matthew Law

    I’d love to know more about your roadmap. Specifically an Android app somewhere on the horizon.

    • camelz

      not gonna happen. They are apple-centric, unfortunately for them.

  • I’d love to be able to nudge/alert teammates and commentors. When new cuts are posted.

  • I hope you are also giving some attention to the Premiere Pro Panel. It’s pretty buggy right now.

    • emeryw

      We are indeed. You’ll see the results of that later this year.

  • Cee Deejee

    Would love to see the feature. The email contacts integrated in Frame. Or at least that frame remembers the emailadresses you used before.

    • emeryw

      Indeed it’s a very needed feature!

  • Glyn Allen

    Looking good Emery can’t wait to get into using it…

  • Renee Peters

    Looking forward to seeing the changes. Would love to see a road map of planned updates. One update i like to see is the ability to comment in the comparison view.

  • aembury

    Is there any chance to see better on-screen drawing capabilities? It would help us animators our TREMENDOUSLY. Every time I try to use my Cintiq, the UI starts to flip out.

    • emeryw

      We haven’t done much testing with tablets. We need to do that for sure.

  • Alberto Casanova

    Hello, great product, thanks! I would like to see desktop notifications when collaborators post comments. It would be great to be working on ANYTHING and know when those awaited reviews comes in. I know I can get email notifications, but I don’t like email at all. Everything else is great!

  • Peter Vojtech

    @emeryw:disqus much like I just did with this collaboration tool, any plans for the ability to tag a user in a comment?

  • Jonathan Levi

    Great improvement. One suggestion: Allow us to have tags, so we can tag which comments are for which version of the video (or, tag which comments are for the animator and which are for the editor, for example)