MacBook Pro running Transfer 1.1

Introducing Transfer 1.1

We’ve come a long way since the Transfer beta. Back then, it was a great way to batch download files while preserving their folder structure, and we added the ability to batch upload when the app was officially released.

Now, with the launch of Transfer 1.1, we’ve added a bunch of new tools and tweaks to make your media transfers faster and easier than ever.

Contextual menu

Using the new contextual menu, you can now add new public and private folders to the root- or subfolders of your projects right from inside the app. And you can delete them just as easily, assuming your profile has the necessary admin rights.

The contextual menu also includes the Reveal in function which lets you jump directly to the corresponding online version of your file or project in a browser.

Jump to search

Similarly, our new Jump To search bar at the top of the app lets you quickly locate files or projects, with incremental search functionality that gets you to the assets you need faster than you can even type.

UI improvements

An improved user interface and upload location panel give you a clear indication of where your media is headed, whether you’re using the file selection tool or just dragging and dropping your media onto the app.

And if you like to watch our famously fast transfer speeds at work, the File Navigator panel in Transfer 1.1 now shows you the transfer progress for individual files, as well as for the job’s overall status.

To make navigation easier, we’ve added a new Date Uploaded field that will help you identify any similarly named media files, and the app itself is now resizeable. So if you need more room to see long filenames, just grab a corner of the app and drag.

More transfers, more time

Transfer 1.1 is now even more efficient on high-speed downloads, allowing for even better bandwidth saturation for those on fiber internet connections.

For those on suboptimal internet connections, transfers can now go for over 24 hours without a problem.

Direct feedback

Transfer 1.1 will also provide you with immediate status notifications, so you don’t need to wait for data to start moving to know that your transfer request has been received.

The Transfer button in the File Navigator shows a progress status indicator of all current jobs, and once jobs are complete you can view a comprehensive log file, which now includes a summary of the number of files transferred, verified, or errored.

In the unlikely event that a file upload fails its checksum verification, the log file will contain a URL that you can use to check the file yourself.

Get Transfer 1.1 now

If you want to try these new features for yourself, you can download Transfer 1.1 for Mac and Windows today.

We hope you’ll enjoy this release, and we’re excited to bring you more. Stay tuned.

Patrick Southern

Patrick is a Workflow Architect at