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Visit us at NAB 2024

It’s hard to believe that this NAB marks nine years since we launched and took home our first “Best in Show” award. Since then, we’ve gone from a scrappy startup to becoming part of Adobe, built a robust ecosystem of valued partners and key integrations to your favorite tools, and count more than four million users as a part of the community.

While it’s always amazing to attend NAB, this year is extra special for us. We’re thrilled to be able to share Version 4 beta, along with the Adobe Workfront integration, new Camera to Cloud partnerships, and some additional features that truly make an end-to-end creative management platform. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Version 4 beta

If you watched our keynote, you already know about some of the new features and functionalities of V4 beta. If you haven’t, the short version is that has been redesigned from the ground up across our web, iPhone, and iPad apps to be faster, more flexible, and more intuitive to use than ever before. We’ve incorporated many of the feature requests you’ve shared with us over the years to deliver a creative management platform that empowers you to create your own unique workflows and helps you stay even more connected to your assets and collaborators from ideation to delivery.

The highlights: the redesigned Workspace gives you more flexibility over the way you view your projects and assets. A new metadata framework allows you to organize your media in customized ways, creating Collections that let you group your assets according to properties or tags you assign. The sharing workflow has been streamlined, commenting is more accurate, and uploading your media is now even faster. 

If you won’t be at NAB (or even if you will), we have lots of information in the form of videos, articles, and upcoming LIVE virtual events so you can learn more about how Free and Pro users can access the V4 beta—and how it will transform the way you work.

New Camera to Cloud integrations is leading the pack toward Movielabs’ 2030 vision of no longer using physical or removable media across production sets with the most expansive ecosystem of cloud-enabled devices. When we introduced Camera to Cloud in 2021, we had two hardware partners who enabled this new workflow with two devices: the Teradek CUBE 655 and the Sound Devices 888 mixer. Since then, additional partnerships with Atomos and Accsoon have enabled support for more than 200 devices—and counting!

This year, we’re thrilled to announce a brand-new partnership with Panasonic. In-camera integrations with the Panasonic LUMIX S5II and S5IIX, known for their superb image stabilization and customizable frame markers, make them ideal for volume photography and social content creation—no extra hardware required. These cameras are also perfect for wedding photographers and videographers, live-event coverage, and more. 

As our existing partners continue to bring new products to market, we’re meeting them with cloud connectivities for each new release. We’ll have the latest camera from our partner Fujifilm with a native integration—the extremely popular X100VI, joining the X-H2, X-H2S, and GFX100 II. Along with the latest RED Digital Cinema cameras and the Accsoon SeeMo 4K, together we’re unlocking unparalleled workflow flexibility and innovative ways to connect productions to post—and beyond.

Finally, we continue to build on our Camera to Cloud functionality and will demonstrate our support for real-time uploads as the camera is recording, for a non-stop route from production to post. From sports to live events to social media, getting your footage to viewers or clients has never been faster or easier.

A more efficient content supply chain

Whether you’re a project manager, a creative contributor, or a stakeholder, you know that breakdowns in communication can jeopardize the timely and successful delivery of a project. Using an array of disconnected tools only compounds the problem.

Now, with the integration of Adobe Workfront and, teams can optimize their content supply chain by using one interactive system from a project’s inception through its delivery with unified collaboration, reviews, and approvals. With Workfront as the enterprise work-management engine and as the creative management platform for assets and feedback, the creative process flows smoothly while everyone stays informed and on track. 

Combined with integrations in the most-used Creative Cloud apps, creatives can work within the tools they love best without having to leave them. Now, the content-creation process is unified from end to end, saving time, headaches, and money.

Security and storage

We know that airtight security is critical to our customers. It’s why continues to invest in providing new features to ensure the highest level of security possible. With the recent general release of Forensic Watermarking in Enterprise you can now share your high-value video content with traceable security but without a large watermark obstructing the frame. Building upon previously released features like visible Watermark ID and Digital Rights Management (DRM), whether you’re working on a hot Hollywood movie, a new car design, or you’re an agency preparing to advertise an unreleased product, leads the industry in securing your assets.

We’re also pleased to announce the general release of Storage Connect. Large-scale operations require flexible storage solutions, and with this release you now have a choice. Storage Connect allows you to upload any asset to and have it automatically live in your self-managed Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) storage bucket.

Amazon S3 is an object storage service offering industry-leading performance, scalability, security, and data availability. With cost-effective storage classes and easy-to-use management features, customers of all sizes and industries may store any amount of data, optimize costs, and configure finely tuned access controls to meet their specific business, organizational, and compliance requirements. The result? Admins can oversee the governance of assets as set forth by their organization, giving creatives easier access to what they need. That, in turn, empowers controllers to predict and manage costs as they efficiently scale across all creative workflows throughout their content supply chain.

Visit us at NAB

As always, the best part of attending NAB is to meet with our many friends and colleagues in person. We hope you’ll visit us at the Adobe booth (number SL5047) so we can share all the new features and integrations with you—and show you how the all-new can help you manage your creative work, your way. 

Lisa McNamara

Lisa McNamara is's senior content writer and a frequent contributor to The Insider. She has worked in film and video post-production approximately since dinosaurs roamed the planet.