The Top 21 Insider Articles of 2021

With 2021 now in our rearview mirror, we want to reflect on what was without a doubt the most exciting year in history.

Just to call out a few high points, last year we launched our groundbreaking C2C technology, became the home of the highly-acclaimed Art of the Cut podcast, and joined forces with the brilliant team at Adobe.

2021 was also an exceptional year for the Insider. We published more articles than ever before to serve our audience of millions of filmmakers and video pros from around the world. But which stories did you, the Insider community, find most informative, interesting, and inspiring?

Let’s take a look back at the 21 most popular articles of 2021.

#21 Art of the Cut Episode 100: What Makes a Great Assistant Editor?

To mark the 100th episode of Art of the Cut, we took the opportunity to celebrate one of the most critical roles in filmmaking: the assistant editor. Meet Ruth Antoine, the first recipient of BFE’s Outstanding Assistant Editor award, and learn the must-have skills every assistant editor needs.

#20 How To Work Faster in DaVinci Resolve (Without Upgrading Your Hardware)

Sometimes our workflows demand more than our computers can deliver. But replacing your workstation isn’t always the best solution to this problem. Check out these settings and workflow tips that can help you work faster in DaVinci Resolve, without spending a dime.

#19 Inside the Oscar-Winning Editing and Sound Design of Sound of Metal

This year’s Oscar winner for Best Editing, Sound of Metal, was a fascinating film full of intricate details and emotional nuance. We were honored to not only meet the team, but also to learn how they used to craft their award-winning story.

#18 Made in Frame: How Songbird Restarted Hollywood Production

We were also proud to be part of Michael Bay’s Songbird, the first major feature film shot during the pandemic. Meet the brilliant production team behind this remote-first workflow, and learn how they used C2C to restart production in Hollywood.

#17 A Technical Guide to C2C

Speaking of Camera to Cloud, we just brought this game-changing technology to market last spring, and already over 1300 productions around the world have started using C2C. We’re excited to see even more filmmakers embrace cloud production. To help make that happen, our in-depth guide explains all the technical details about how C2C works, and explores everything you need to move your video production workflow to the cloud.

#16 3 Cloud-Based Dailies Workflows Powered by C2C

Since C2C launched, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about building robust and efficient cloud-based dailies workflows. To help filmmakers make the leap, here are three ways you can use C2C to streamline your dailies workflow, and instantly move your footage from set to editorial.

#15 How Machine Learning and AI Can Amplify Your Creativity

A lot of people in the film and video industry are anxious about AI tools taking their jobs. But tools are not competition. Join industry expert Philip Hodgetts to learn how AI and ML tools take the drudgery out of creative work, and make you faster, smarter, and happier.

#14 7 Ways Video Games Are Changing How We Make Movies

We’ve all heard the buzz around Unreal Engine and VFX. But video game technology is having a much bigger impact on filmmaking than you may realize. See how new tools and technologies are changing how filmmakers tell stories, and might turn today’s gamers into tomorrow’s Oscar-winners.

#13 Building an ACES Pipeline Between Resolve and After Effects

There’s no denying that building a proper color-managed workflow is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be frustrating (or expensive). This tutorial walks you through everything you need to set up an ACES workflow for After Effects and Resolve.

#12 How to Develop Your Own Style as a Colorist

Crafting an artistic style takes time, and can be a bit scary. But with practice and a little guidance, you can develop a signature look of your very own. Here are 5 steps to get started.

#11 Made in Frame: David Lowery’s Arthurian Epic The Green Knight

Early this year we met up with acclaimed film writer and director David Lowery to get an inside look at the truly globe-spanning production for The Green Knight. And it’s an enlightening glimpse at what high-tech feature film workflows can really do.

#10 12K and Beyond: Do Filmmakers Really Need Higher Resolutions?

Ah yes, the ever-divisive question “how many Ks do we actually need?” There’s been a lot of discussion on that topic for years now. To explore the answer, we spoke to some of the top cinematographers in the industry to find out how higher capture resolutions benefit video production workflows.

#9 The 5 Most Powerful AI Tools in DaVinci Resolve (and When to Use Them)

New features bring new creative possibilities, and DaVinci Resolve’s powerful AI tools are no exception. But knowing how and when to use them is key. See them in action, and learn how they can help you work faster and stay creative.

#8 How the Editor of The Mandalorian Built an Award-Worthy Career

We sat down with film and TV editor Dana E. Glauberman, ACE to discuss her work on The Mandalorian, and to hear her advice for building successful and deep collaborative relationships.

#7 Meet the Editors Behind 2021’s Top Oscar Nominees

Want to get inside the minds of the industry’s top editors? Our virtual roundtable with the year’s Oscar-nominated editors dives deep into the creative insight of these brilliant artists.

#6 Virtual Production Essentials: 10 Things to Know Before You Start Shooting

By now you’ve probably heard how virtual production tools are changing how we make movies. But do you want to actually start using them? Here’s everything you need to start your next production on a virtual stage.

#5 The Future of Filmmaking: Cinematography in the Age of Photogrammetry

Similar to virtual production, there’s a new tool in town that’s gearing up to radically redefine our workflows. Cutting-edge photogrammetry is pushing the boundaries of cinema technology, and redefining what it means to capture a scene. Find out how it will change the future of filmmaking.

#4 Meet the DIT: The Essential Bridge Between Production and Post

If you’ve stepped foot on set in the last decade, then you already know how indispensable Digital Imaging Technicians are to modern film production. But did you know they also might just be the key to cloud-based production?

#3 The Ultimate Guide to Premiere Pro’s Render Quality and Bit Depth Settings

Over the past few years, we’ve learned that you all love super deep explorations of complex technical topics. These articles always rank among our most read (and requested) content. Last year it was our Workflow From Home series. The year before that it was our Ultimate Guide to ACES. And the year before that it was our Complete Guide to Premiere Pro Color Correction. So it comes as no surprise that our third most popular article of 2021 was another ultimate guide, this time for Premiere Pro’s export settings. In this article, we extensively tested every single setting in the export panel to find out exactly what they do. And we discovered a few surprises along the way.

#2 Art of the Cut: Behind the Scenes of Dune with Editor Joe Walker, ACE

Taking the number two spot, our exclusive video interview with award-winning editor Joe Walker, ACE was a major milestone for Art of the Cut, and one of our top stories of all time. We went deep behind the scenes to explore the storytelling brilliance of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, and to uncover the secrets of the craft. So grab a snack, get comfortable, and settle in for 45 minutes of dazzling creative insight from one of the best storytellers in Hollywood.

#1 Workflow Breakdown of Every 2021 Oscars Best Picture Nominee

And in first place, the 2021 Oscars Workflow Breakdown ran ahead of the pack by leaps and bounds. It’s our privilege to highlight the incredible work of filmmakers from around the world, and we’re thrilled that our annual Oscars articles have become some of the most widely read and highly anticipated publications of the awards season. So in case you missed it, take a look back at 2021’s Best Picture nominees and find out what makes these films, and the artists behind them, Oscar-worthy.

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